In no particular order.

And one day early!

Commence rejoicing. (Or I will, anyway. Oh how I’ve missed blogging!)


10-years post my last experience doing so, I discovered that I indeed CAN drive a stick-shift vehicle in a pinch, without stalling ONCE, in a car that does not have air conditioning even when I am 31 weeks pregnant, it is 95 degrees out, and I feel like I am wearing a corset breathing air 5,000 feet higher than normal while entertaining my very anxious brother and my cranky husband (because he’s “too hot.”)


While cowering from a roasting day in the backyard baby pool, Pitter norminated me for the Nutritional Mother of the Year Award as he described his expanding palate: “I like strawberries. I likeba-na-na-nas. I like wheat bites. I likeabdocaados. I like carrots. I like beans!”

This nomination somewhat balances his recent fascist demands: “No talking, Mommy. No computer, Mommy. No reading. No eating.”

Mix in a performance of sleeping 10 out of 31 entirely through the night (from 9pm to 7 am without a peep, sometimes two nights in a row!) and we have ourselves an Outstanding Toddler of the Month.


I finished my third Anne Lamott book this year and after an agonizing debate have decided it is a good thing to cry heartily each time you’ve finished approx. 20 pages of her writing. It cleanses the soul. Check out Operating Instructions, Traveling Mercies, and Blan B: Further Thoughts on Faith, in that order. A certain friend of mine from Boston is a big fan and I will curse her thoroughly for not dragging me along with her to see Lamott read years ago when she was in town. You know who you are, negligent girl.


Pitter finished chiropractor school and is finally studying for his licensing exam. And I mean, it took long enough! He’s been going since last March and it’s been costing us hundreds of dollars a month. Oh wait. That’s daycare.


A few weeks ago, Patter was measuring “small” for fundal height. There was concern that my 30 pound weight gain has gone mostly to my ass and not quite enough to my bump. A few days ago I had an ultrasound to check it all out. Yes, Patter is still male. Yes, Patter is doing fine, weighing in around 5 to 5.5 pounds, which means he’ll probably be between 7 and 8 pounds at birth if his growth continues on schedule. So, things are swell. And swelling. At 30 pounds heavier in 90 degree weather.