My name’s not really Eve.

And “Must be Motherhood” is a lame blog name. Alliterative qualities aside, it’s hokey.

I join you in rolling your eyes at the title of my blog, as do my small sons, Pitter and Patter. Their father, Sweet Cheeks joins in your dismay at the altogether uninspiring group of words.

What can I say? It was the best I could come up with back in early 2007, when I was an exhausted, depressed, first-time mom relocated to the Midwest from a life in the big cities of the east, putting most of my verbal energy into finishing my MFA thesis.

I write about life in the Midwest, nostalgia for Boston, New York, and my twenties, feminism, body image, breast feeding, child rearing, pregnancy, and all the other usual crap.

If you want to tell me I’ve misspelled a word or something of the sort, you can email me at mustbemom at yahoo dot com. A warning: I’ll probably tell you to stuff it because I am tyred.